Sunday, August 9, 2009

Right Now

The sound of the oscillating fan whirring back and forth doing it's job of cooling off the room.

The glow of the computer monitor that I consider man-made moonlight falls onto my outstretched hands.

The sound of cars zooming north on 8th Avenue outside my window, doing their job of taking people from here to there.

The occasional clacking noise I hear from the coffee maker every few minutes tells me it is keeping my coffee warm.

Just being here right now.


They call him James Ure said...

This is one of the most peaceful, honest and thus refreshing things that I've read in a long time. You used such great imagery to convey to us that one present moment. I felt like I was there with you in that moment and I guess since we are all interconnected--I was!!

Thanks for the extended haiku. Bowing...

Nosan said...

Thank you James.

Funny but I've been feeling at a loss for something insightful to come into my mind to write about. Suddenly this morning I decided to just pay attention and note what was going on and write it down without over-thinking it so here it is.

Great metaphor for life, I'd say.

Paul Lynch said...

Here is a poem by Jelladin Rumi the great sufi sage;

if anyone asks you
how the perfect satisfaction
of all our sexual wanting
will look, lift your face
and say,

like this.

when someone mentions the gracefulness
of the night sky, climb up on the roof
and dance and say,

like this.

if anyone wants to know what “spirit” is,
or what “God’s fragrance” means,
lean your head toward him or her.
keep your face there close.

like this.

when someone quotes the old poetic image
about clouds gradually uncovering the moon,
slowly loosen knot by knot the strings
of your robe.

like this.

if anyone wonders how Jesus raised the dead,
don’t try to explain the miracle.
kiss me on the lips.

like this. Like this.

when someone asks what it means
to “die for love,” point

if someone asks how tall I am, frown
and measure with your fingers the space
between the creases on your forehead.

this tall.

the soul sometimes leaves the body, the returns.
when someone doesn’t believe that,
walk back into my house.

like this.

when lovers moan,
they’re telling our story.

like this.

I am a sky where spirits live.
stare into this deepening blue,
while the breeze says a secret.

like this.

when someone asks what there is to do,
light the candle in his hand.

like this.

how did Joseph’s scent come to Jacob?
how did Jacob’s sight return?
a little wind cleans the eyes.

like this.

when Shams comes back from Tabriz,
he’ll put just his head around the edge
of the door to surprise us

like this.

Eric said...

I'm adding: the rumble of the 8th Ave line; the different people, the different tongues.

Wow! somehow Paul's quote was so good.

Odd how few words paint such a picture. I see the cool glow of yor screen lighting up your muscular arms, light dancing off your head..

Paul Lynch said...


Just keep this attentiveness in your life, moment after moment after moment and your life will be 'no problem.'