Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day Prayer

I recited a prayer yesterday at the 6th Annual Interreligious Prayer Service for Peace and Justice commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King. It took place at the Unification Theological Seminary on West 43rd Street. I was there on behalf of my teacher who needed to be at the temple for Sunday services. Sunim had given me an awesome version of the Metta Sutta Meditation on Lovingkindness to read but when I arrived I was given something much shorter due to time constraints (there were 9 people reading a prayer from their respective faiths) While I'm not sure who wrote it, it was pretty decent nonetheless. I had to practice saying "beneficent celestials" (whatever the heck they are) a few times before my spot because I'm very often and easily tongue-tied. Had I known that phrase was in it beforehand I'd have reworded it because I don't think we should be holding our breath for friendly aliens to help us here on earth (or perhaps I'm being too literal) but what's done is done. 

You can see the video here (thanks to my fiancee and his iPhone)

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dorjee (gesh khou) said...

dear friend
my name dorjee.. nice to meet you.. thanks for took as dharma way for praying through great motivition dr. martin luther kins.. i apprecite as million as heartfelt thanks too... hope you will so same as in your usual dharma practicing.. your dharma freind dorjee..