Friday, June 11, 2010

Weebles Wobble but they Don't Fall Down

When I was a kid I used to play with WEEBLES. Weebles are egg shaped toy figures that are weighted on the bottom so no matter how hard or how often they're pushed, they wobble around for a bit and then stand completely upright once again.

When people ask me why I meditate or whether or not I've seen any difference in my life since I starting sitting several years ago, I'm reminded of Weebles.

While I still have my ups and downs and get all kinds of crazy at times, those periods don't last nearly as long as they once did. I recover much more quickly than I used to from a bout of depression, anxiety, anger or obsessive thinking. The benefits of sitting on a regular basis are crystal clear, and I absolutely see a huge difference in the way I respond or don't respond to certain situations, circumstances, and people that would have once sent me spiraling out of control for days or weeks.

Weebles are awesome dharma teachers. Pay attention to them.


Nathan said...

cool post. i used to have some weebles. pretty goofy little toys, but now i can see how they can be great dharma teachers :)

Rick said...

Greetings Lawrence,

I was working with some people here, explaining centering, when I thought of these guys. Now you're post is being passed around a large multi-national.



Lawrence Grecco said...

Thank you Rick!

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